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At every turn we are confronted by those who would tell us the “best” way to live life. Each passing year seems to bring a new philosophy, perhaps an old one rediscovered, but always some wonderful discipline to redirect our lives. Each time hearing the adulations for the wondrous new revelations of how life can be best lived and understood. I wonder if it is only me who is lost without the gifted sight to know the way to go. And yet as time passes, each such revelation takes its seat among the others and yields the spotlight to the next arrival. If our own experience should tell us anything it is that we should not seek the simple solution or the latest truth. For life is a constant journey of discovery. The more one learns the more he realizes that there is so much more that he could learn, and even more that he can never learn. The wise man regards knowledge like the stars in the night sky, knowing that he could never possess all of them. Enjoy the quest for each new star, each new piece of knowledge. For many times there is more to be found in the quest for knowledge than merely the lesson which is learned. It is this journey which we call life.