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Daniel J Benjamin was a simple man with an old soul, strong heart, creative hands and a beautiful brilliant mind. It was his inquisitive mind that drew him to his passion for history, reading old books, preserving the past and honoring those that came before him. He spent many hours hiking. He was always inspired and in awe of the beauty in the trees and all of nature’s treasures. To walk in the woods any time of year was all he needed to revive his soul, renew his faith and bring him peace.

He was always willing to take up the sword and fight, never backing down from what he believed was right and true. He was a man who stood where he believed and believed where he stood even if it meant standing alone.

Dan left this earth on January 26, 2015, at the age of 44. These are his words he wanted to share with the world, this is his truth.

He is also the author of “Words of a Warrior: on life, love and truth.”